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Brief Information

OKG is a Real-time Strategy NFT game with 3D graphics developed by CROS Studios. When starting the idea of OKG, we chose the strategy genre because we wanted to be different from the RPG genres that most of the NFT games on the market are doing today.

Introduction AMA

Pat: We’re about to start, AMARoomies πŸ’ͺ🏼 AMA now is with Okeenga! Joining us here today is their CEO @Likn_river 🎊

Tao: Hello everyone 😘

Pat: Please introduce yourself to the community, your brief background and how you got into crypto πŸ™‚

Tao: Hi everybody, I’m Tao Tuan Linh, founder, and CEO of CROS game studio. I’ve experienced 15 years in Design, Animation, and Game Development and I have been producing games with my own studio for 7 years.

Pat: Can you tell us what Oookenga is all about?

Tao: About our project, OKG is a Real-time Strategy NFT game with 3D graphics developed by CROS Studios. When starting the idea of OKG, we chose the strategy genre because we wanted to be different from the RPG genres that most of the NFT games on the market are doing today. In addition, 3d technology is selected to help increase the value of the product as well as increase the aesthetic value and also to make a difference in the current 2d game on the gamefi market.

Further, the choice of 3d technology also promises to expand the product’s directions to VR or AR platforms in the future.

Pat: WHOA πŸ”₯ Nice! What blockchain is the game on?

Tao: OKG is on Binance Smart Chain.

Pat: What was your source of inspiration and rationale behind writing the story of Ookeenga?

Tao: My father is a biologist – did the Ph.D. on mosquito :)) So I grew up and taught about the animal world and used to be so curious about the animal world. This boy is still inside me, I guess.

Ookeenga story reflects my childhood memory and is dedicated to my father (in fact, I started writing this story in the hospital when my father was sick)

Besides that, as an artist, I love the world of Shaun Tan (Australian book author and illustrator), where full of strange creatures represent real-life issues metaphor.
then also as a game designer I love the world of Amanita design(Czech Game Studio). I love how they build their game from simple things but still tell exceptional stories and attract people.
I love how they build their game from simple things but still tell exceptional stories and attract people. So with those inspirations and as a dreamer, I want to have my own story, tell people about a fantasy insect world. You can explore our story at this link: https://ookeenga.io/lore. Read the lore, then find the combination between science facts and fantasy novel style.

Pat: Can you tell more about the gameplay?

Tao: The gameplay of Ookeenga is a combination of 3 genres that are common in the gaming community: Real-time Strategy, Collectible Card, Tower Rush.

Players will be placed on a field, using units or spells to attack the opponent to destroy the most number of opponent’s towers (within three game minutes) or destroying be your opponent’s main tower.
+ Player drops troop units to attack enemy troops and enemy heroes.
+ While control 3 heroes behind to support their troops with the skills.
Players need very little time to learn how to play the game but need time to build up heroes and try out differences strategies when they go to the combat – that is the hard part of the game.

Pat: What critical problems does it solves that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

Tao: A critical problem in NFT game is the inflation. We solve this by a feature called “Treasure”.

It’s a way for players to spend KAB while reinvesting into the game ecosystem, and also a chance to get NFT item through playing game. It brings several benefits:
– Burn token from players
– Give players more things to test their luck
– Control the ROI (Return on investment) of players through lucky rate
We also have another competitive advantage coming from our executing experience: we will constantly track the stat in game and hold events to balance the economy, so the players won’t have to worry about the credibility of the project.

Pat: Can you tell us more about your token $OKG?

$OKG is the governance token that ultimately controls the community treasury which in turn receives revenue from NFT marketplace and OKG portion of the breeding fees, it is also used as currency for the Ookeenga NFT marketplace and is essential in many key activities in the game.
We design the tokens so that we balance between incentivizing users to contribute to the ecosystem, coupled with the ability to burn and control inflation so that the token preserves its value.
Our token design is inspired by other gamefi projects, which we then improved and refined to create our own. Tokenomics: https://ookeenga.com/

Pat: Will there be any futher releases with new NFT or maps? (or items in game)

Tao: In the future, we will add another feature called “Land”.

Each land is an NFT item
It has a position in the OKG world
Different tiers of land depend on its features: area of land, resource, hero power effect….

A Village can be built on the land, players can decorate both by constructing tools and items purchased from the marketplace. (using construct tools to create decorative items then trade on market or bring in the battle to just show off)
Players can open their village to people to visit or close for their own.
Players can earn resources from these lands it own
Players can also earn more tokens and resources by conquering the mines, forests, and fields on the OKG world. (Only for landowner and renter)
Land can be for lease. The renter has change to go to the OKG world to earn more resource.
We believe this new interesting and profitable feature will keep the player retention for a long time.

Pat: Very nice!! Thanks for sharing all these here

Tao: Thank you :3

Pat: Can you share a little bit about the team behind Ookeenga?

Tao: https://t.me/amaroom/142956
This is the sneak peek of our team making land feature

Pat: We are a team of 30 peoples with 10 years working together to create several products such as:
+ App and game for children
+ Mobile games

Besides, we are team of experts in every aspect:
+ Spore team with experience in web3 and blockchain work + 15 inhouse people of marketing team
+ Cros with experience in game production
For all these reasons, we are confident that we are an ideal team and can definitely make this project a success.

Tao: Cool!

Pat: Let’s now proceed to the community questions. Are you ready?

Community AMA

Q: It caught my attention that rareness of your name, can you explain us what is the Ookeenga meaning? Also can you talk more about the roles of your OKG and KAB tokens?

Tao: The game is set in a world where insects have evolved and built a massive civilization in an ancient forest called Glaik (meaning The Sacred Forest in insect language). After a horrible disaster called Ookeenga (The Orange Smoke), the insect population was divided into 2 factions: the Akhah (Pureblood) and the Ahika (Mixedblood). The parties have been engaging in never-ending conflicts with each other, with the freedom-worshipping but often looked down Ahika seeking to overthrow the tyrannical rule of the noble and arrogant Akhah and their leader, the Amoik (Mother Insect). So Ookeenga is an insect’s language

Q: An Initial Game Offering is a method for blockchain video game projects to raise capital. A few hours ago Ookeenga announces: “Due to a huge increase in interest and demand from clients, we have decided to increase Ookeenga’s suspected IGO to $50,000 in total” so can IGOs be a good way for investors? support early-stage gaming projects, but remember that they also carry significant financial risk. Can you explain how Ookeenga handles due diligence before risking user funds?

Tao: IGO is a huge opportunity for retail investors to join in early, which normally only available to VCs. We would like to present this opportunity to our community to promote our project and reward their interest & loyalty to our project. The amount of sale is well calculated and won’t cause any risk to our project.

Q: From the website, I read about dual tokens involved in the game which are $OKG & $KAB. How will they be used respectively and what necessary mechanisms will you apply to increase the value of both tokens?

Tao: Ok, so like you have read, there will be 2 types of tokens used in OKG.

$OKG: is limited governance-supplied token. Players will need $OKG to buy/sell NFTs, breeding, or enhancing items. In addition, owning $OKG is equivalent to the player’s investment in the OKG world.

$KAB: Tokens received from game activities with no supply limit. Players can trade $KAB to receive $OKG. $KAB is used in most game features such as breeding heroes, enhancing items, crafting equipment, etc. AND to increase the value of our token, it’s important to us to the balancing process in the game ecosystem.

You can look at the picture right here. When the monetary system is balanced, our game will be stable and safe to play and invest in.

Q: Tao Tuan Linh and Nguyen Duy are both CEO and CTO in Cros game respectively. How does this influence Ookeenga game? What benefits does the community get?

Tao: First, I have many years of experience in managing and producing games on many different platforms, which makes the problems that appear in the project be solved quickly. In addition, my creative ability is the backbone of Cros Studio and the OKG project. 😁😁

Duy is one of the most critical factors of the OKG project, all technology solutions for the OKG project start with him; this ensures the game design and development team has a safe environment. Safe and optimal to realize the ideas that we want to apply.

The combination of us creates a product with high aesthetics and entertainment and a stable and safe system for players to experience.

Q: I read that OKG is a Real-time Strategy NFT game with 3D graphics. Will there be a minimum requirements for device that can play your game due to the high 3D graphics? When are you going to be available on iOS and Android to attract more traditional gamers?

Any hope of augmenting it VR/AR to boost users experience?

Tao: The use of 3D technology is to ensure the aesthetics and differentiates OKG from most of the NFT games in the current market.
In addition, 3D technology is also the basis for OKG to adapt to VR/AR in the future. And hopefully, we will own the 3D metaverse at some point.

Q: Do you have different arena’s in Ookeenga for pvp? Again, Will Ookeenga have special arenas for special events like a tournament, bets between two pros to settle scores?
Finally, does the gaming platform have a team play feature where teams can earn more ? If Yes, Will it have any requirement to join each team ?

Tao: The PVP feature is built on a seasonal basis, which means that player rewards and rankings only last for a particular time.
In addition, we are also thinking about building PVP Events with some special rules so that players can experience the tactics that OKG brings.
Community features like Guilds or Clans will significantly influence players in the future, as joining and contributing value to the community will directly affect the player’s income.

Q: Concerning the Landlord feature in Ookeenga, it states that you earn monthly passive income ; which gamers or avatars are the tenants ? Will becoming a landlord involve the victories of a player or can it be acquired simply by Ookeenga token?
Finally, on the monthly passive income, can an agreement be made between the involved parties to readjust that agreement? Would landlords have the right to request collateral for tenants owing ?

Tao: OKG will launch the landlord feature in the project’s next phase. Now, we can only reveal that this feature will allow players to rent land from others and also rent their own land. Owning Land helps players get more benefits in terms of profits as well as the advantage of joining Guilds/Clans.
For the details of this feature, follow us on the community channels to get the latest updates:
Website: https://ookeenga.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ookeenga
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ookeenga.official
Medium: https://www.facebook.com/ookeenga.official
Discord: https://discord.gg/GmGSsAYHD4
Ookeenga Telegram Channel: https://t.me/ookeenga_official
Ookeenga Global Community: https://t.me/ookeenga_global
OOkeenga Vietnam: https://t.me/ookeenga_viet

Closing Remarks

Pat: Perfect! Thank you very much for you generous answers. Learned a lot about the game!


Pat: Best of luck to Team Ookenga! πŸ”₯

Tao: Ok, thank you all for supporting us.

Pat: Maybe you want to share IDO details?

Tao: Upcoming IDOs will be announced later. Follow our website and community for the latest updates. Stay tuned.

Pat: Awesome! Thanks for being here today @Likn_river! AND HUGE Thank you to our AMARoomies for your amazing questions!! Let’s support Ookeenga πŸš€

Tao: Next week, we will have INO event, which is really exciting.

Pat: Nice! We’ll watch out for that for sure.

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