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Brief Information

Basketballverse is a P2E 3D multiplayer basketball metaverse with a powerful RPG element. It encourages billions of basketball enthusiasts worldwide to build their metaverse basketball career by developing a NFT basketball avatar, managing their own club or arena, building a fanbase, attracting sponsorship and earning real income.

Introduction AMA

Pat: We’re about to start, AMARoomies πŸ’ͺ🏼 AMA now is with Basketballverse! Joining us here today is their Lead Community Manager @Robenass 🎊

Robin: Hello everyone!

Pat: Excited to have you here today 😁 Please introduce yourself to the community.

Robin: So I’m Rob, lead community manager at Basketballverse!
I’m excited to be here and I’m really looking forward for this AMA!

Pat: Please tell us what Basketballverse is all about.

Robin: Of course. Basketballverse is a virtual NFT basketball P2E gaming metaverse built on blockchain for a truly immersive experience. With its $BVR token economy, the game allows participants to earn real income by playing as a baller, owning and managing a club, or owning an arena to host games and sell merchandise.

Pat: Basketball fans here must be excited! πŸ”₯ When is the game launching?

Robin: We are planning to launch our Demo version shortly after our IDO, but its going to be for private round.
Q3-Q4 our beta and alpha versions will be launched, so stay tuned guys!

Pat: I see! can you give us more details how the game will be? what are some features of the game?

Robin: Basketballverse will have few ways to play the game:

-You will have a chance to play as a baller, to create your own character, you will have chance to be picked by a club and participate in leagues with your team
-People will have a chance to own and manage clubs, attract players and create merchandises, etc.
-Last but not least you will be able to own arena, in which you will be able to upgrade it, host games, etc.
You will be able to play 1v1/3v3/5v5 matches, to participate in 3v3 or 5v5 you will have to be a part of the team or at least own a club and build your dream team by yourself!

Pat: Cool! Which blockchain is this going to be on?

Robin: The $BVR core is built on Ethereum, however also tradable on BSC!

Pat: Awesome! can you share what $BVR is going to be used for? and can you already share some IDO details?

Robin: $BVR will be used as internal game currency, as rewards for players, passive income and sponsorship payments. In addition, $BVR token holders will have governing and voting rights as well as early access to platform, game features and NFT collection. $BVR will also be used to swap it for other crypto-currencies and for staking.

Our IDO is going to start at May 12!

Pat: Nice! Can people still join the upcoming IDO?

Robin: At this moment our whitelists are finished, people can allocate their #BVR on impossible finance and get them when our IDO comes out!

Pat: Please share briefly about the team behind Basketballverse.

Robin: Gladly! Most of our team is based in Lithuania! Everyone is really passionated about basketball and blockchains itself! I can introduce our core team members!

-Our CEO Simon, he`s a former professional basketball player and blockchain enthusiast, he managed to bring the best team for this project thats possible!

– Our blockchain lead Bronius Baniulis is a former software engineer at JP Morgan with more than 8 years of experience in management of engineering.

– Our CMO Osvaldas Kazklauskas has multiple years of International business and communication management experience, now leading growth at Basketballverse together with a big team of digital marketing specialists.

– Rafal Novoclen- our senior game producer, with 20 years of experience in the gaming industry and famous for designing the legendary RPG AAA game The Witcher. Now even the Netflix TV show is built after it! Have you ever seen that?

– Our community managers are also ex basketball players. One of them, Ibrahim Doumbia, just recently participated in March Madness and lost against Duke. The other one, Tadas Kararinas, actually recently graduated from Drexel University, D1 NCAA university, where he had a basketball scholarship.

Pat: Awesome! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Let’s now proceed to the community questions. Are you ready?

Community AMA

Q: For New Gamers, earning On regular basis is a big Problem,
How will Basketballverse Create that Chances for them?

Robin: – As a baller you will have a chance to earn salary if you are part of the club. Salary depend on your played games, your stats and how your baller performed in that game!

-Clubs can earn from entrance fees, rewards after championship leagues

-Arenas receive an award whoever wins a game and when a club they partner with wins a championship. They represent a great source of $BVR passive income from hosting basketball games, doing sponsorships/ad placements, and renting the space to others as a practice court.

Q: I think Many Players Wants that Famous NBA PLAYERS Should also Join this Project , So Are You Working on this , If yes Please tell me What all PARTNERSHIP you are Trying to make?

Robin: Recently we announced our first in game couch professional NBA player MO BAMBA and believe me guys we are not stopping here, at the moment we are working hard to attract more professional basketball players from all around the world Euro league, ASEAN and of course our beloved NBA πŸ˜‰

On the other we are planning to bring some world famous brands into our game, so stay kindly tuned for that!

Q: What are plans in for global expansion? Are you focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

Robin: Yes at this time, we are expanding our community for more international groups, organizing events, giveaways, on the other hand our priority was to bring best partners for our project, we have them but we are still working to bring more! So all of you can have the best experience there is!

Q: Imitation of real life basketball in the BasketballVerse sounds really interesting. In the game, will there be any thing like retirement for Ballers in the game? If yes, will all Ballers have the same retirement age? Finally, is there any limit to the amount of Ballers a player can own?

Robin: Its a great question, yes our ballers will have aging system, After passing age 35, for example, selected abilities based on physical performance will degrade over time, e.g. speed or stamina. However, abilities based on accumulated experience may slightly increase as in real life, where older players are physically weaker but mentally wiser.

There`s no set limit on how many ballers, clubs, arenas you can own! Take them All!

Q: As we all know, there are many NFT gaming projects these days, but the problem is with most of them is lack of good game play, can you tell us any unique features that your game possess that you feel will make gamers addicted to the game?

Robin: Basketball will have a lot features in game!

-The power of brands and branding – real-world players, venues and associated brands can be a revenue-generating part of the Basketballverse.

– Real-world connections – Want to buy in-game practice skills and signature moves from Shaq or get advice from Phil Jackson? We’ll make it possible for real players and coaches to earn in the Basketballverse.

-Realistic gameplay – In the real game, you improve through play and you learn new skills. Your morale is boosted by a big fanbase or the tools and consumables you invest in. Other online games don’t capture this element. Ours does.

-Sponsorship – Club, league and arena names can all be sponsored, as well as colours and in-arena consumables (e.g. Red Bull).

-Multiple options – Few current games offer an immersive and realistic opportunity to people who want to own and manage players in a club or run an arena.

I hope it answered your question!

Q: Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?

Robin: So first of all we have partnered up with the top-notch game studios which has a proven track record of creating great looking games. Now regarding attracting users outside crypto spaces – we have many marketing and partnership campaigns prepared on that, but you’ll see everything as we go. One thing to keep in mind is that we’re partnering up with multiple basketball players, which has huge followings, so that alone brings many non-crypto users’ eyes to our project!

Closing Remarks

Pat: Alright! That’s a wrap.

Robin: Well that was amazing! Great questions guys!

Pat: Please share the links to your groups and socials ☺️

Robin: You can find all our link here:πŸ‘‡

Pat: Awesome! Thank you so much for being here today @Robenass. Best of luck to the whole Basketballverse Team πŸš€

Robin: Thank you for having me here, it was amazing experience! Looking forward for next one!

Pat: Next time πŸ˜‰

Robin: Thank you!

Pat: Thank you to all the questions, AMARoomies πŸ₯°

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