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Brief Information

Dojos are versatile and customizable metaverse premises that can be embedded to websites or deployed to metaverses. Inside these purpose-built 3D buildings, owners can display and trade their NFT collections, promote products and services, host virtual events, and much more.

Introduction AMA

Pat: We’re about to start, AMARoomies 💪🏼 AMA now is with Meta Dojo! Joining us here today is their CEO & Co-Founder @EchoGuo 🎊

Echo: Hello everyone~

Pat: Hello! We’re so excited to have you here today. Please introduce yourself, your background and how you got into crypto 🙂

Echo: Likewise, nice to be here ❤️ My name is Echo Guo. I am CEO & Co-Founder of MetaDojo. A proud Chinese-Kiwi, meaning I’m originally from China but have lived in New Zealand for over two decades. I have a 9 month old fur baby named Meta.
I have a Master’s Degree in Marketing with first class honors and I spent the early years of my career working for a global market consulting company specialized in the FMCG sector. After that, I had broad experience in a variety of areas such as personal coaching, international trading, real estate development, and started a beverage brand back in 2017.

I got into tech when I bought shares of a SaaS software company called Aimy Limited and became its CEO in 2018. Aimy serves over 70% of New Zealand’s out-of-school care and education service providers and has gone into 5 overseas countries in the first 3 years of founding. It has over 100K end users and processes over US$40M of bookings annually. Since taking over, I have successfully turned it into a profitable business with steady growth.

Pat: Nice! Thanks for sharing these. Can you share how Meta Dojo came about?

Echo: I became aware of cryptocurrency from quite early on through Bitcoin investment. But it was not until I heard of the job opportunities the crypto game Axie Infinity provided to people in the less developed parts of the world, I became obsessed with the Web3 movement. I studied what decentralization was about and the groundbreaking benefits and limitless possibilities it brings. I was convinced Web3 is an inevitable future and was particularly interested in its role in wealth redistribution and inequity elimination.

MetaDojo was registered in Singapore in July 2021, with the mission to contribute to the transformation of the internet economy and social interactions from Web2 to Web3.

Our vision is
– To provide affordable and ready-to-use solutions for scalable metaverse land development.
– To empower metaverse landowners with tools of MetaFi utilization.
– To assist Web 3.0 mass adoption by offering website-integratable 3D virtual worlds to individuals, businesses and organizations.

Pat: That’s awesome! When is Meta Dojo launching?

Echo: We are working on an Alpha launch of our Web2 solution in Q2. Token listing is being postponed give the current market conditions.

Pat: Understandable. What other features can Meta Dojo users enjoy once it’s live?

Echo: First and foremost, users can have our virtual space called Dojos embedded in their web2 applications such as websites and social media accounts. Secondly, we have in-game features such as P2E, P2L and socialization. Thirdly, our Dojos will be compatible to major metaverse worlds. For stage one, use cases are personal space, AMA rooms, webinar and conference centres, corporate virtual HQ and metaverse retailing.

Pat: Pretty exciting! 😍

This is one virtual store we are working on for a client. Once completed, their customers will be able to view their products in there and place orders inside which will be integrated with their existing e-commerce platforms.

Pat: very nice! Thanks for this preview.

Echo: Thanks, pleasure!

Pat: wow! This is taking e-commerce into another level definitely.

Echo: You are spot on! We want to fill the gap between Web2 and Web 3 solutions. In my personal view, there will be at least another 3-5 years before the metaverse becomes mainstream so it is very important for us to bridge the gaps.

Pat: Yes, I totally agree. What do you think sets you apart from your competitors?

Echo: MetaDojo has three main unique value propositions.
1. Ready-to-use for all open metaverse networks

One of MetaDojo’s primary goals is to collaborate with all open metaverse protocols, to give their landowners an economical way to jumpstart their MetaFi journey by monetizing their virtual real estate, increasing the value of their digital assets, and strengthening the communities they belong to.

2. Web 2.0 integration to accelerate metaverse mass adoption

We want to bring the metaverse to all individuals, businesses, and organizations. If you currently own an online presence, whether it’s in the form of a website, an online store, or a social media account, our Dojos allow you to enjoy the new dimension of Web 3.0 without the upfront costs and technical skills related to metaverse land acquisition.

3. Job opportunities through the Creator Economy

The metaverse belongs to digital native creators! Our dream is to facilitate an open and inclusive ecosystem where community members not only enjoy visiting but also can make a living from it, so they become true residents of the metaverse.

Pat: I can’t imagine what other great things you have for us in the course of Meta Dojo’s development 😍 Can you share the utilities of your token?

Echo: Sure. MetaDojo’s token economy is based on the utilization of two tokens – DJT and NINT. How they interact with the ecosystem is illustrated in this chart.

$DJT is used to govern the MetaDojo ecosystem. It will be generated during the Token Generation Event (TGE) with a total supply of 1 Billion. It is the platform’s utility token and is used to interact with the platform in the following ways: Governance, Dojo purchases, Dojo upgrades/expansion, Paying a Creator to engage in their professional services, and Paying marketplace commissions.
Staking is a way to reward our community members for their long-term commitment to Dojo maintenance and upgrade and appropriate content display. You will be able to earn NINT rewards when you lock up your $DJT through the staking dashboard. In the near future, staking $DJT will give you voting rights and a say over the use of the Community Treasury.
NINT, our in-game currency, is minted by the MetaDojo Treasury on a daily basis. Its daily supply is calculated using the following parameters –
(Total Level of Dojos /NINT In Circulation) * Council Constant

Pat: Awesome! How are you going to keep your community and early supporters solid in the current market condition?

Echo: how are you going to keep your community and early supporters solid in the current market condition? We host monthly community events where our supports can win prizes and see new feature our team has been building and give us feedback.

Pat: Great! Let’s now proceed to the community questions. Are you ready?

Echo: As a matter of fact, our May event called Magic Seed was launched a couple of hours a ago.

Pat: Wow! Congratulations on this. Can users still join this?

Echo: This page is live, and the Gleam campaign is valid till 1 June.

Pat: Alright. Are you ready for more questions? 😄

Echo: This one is from our April event which was a very fun treasure hunt.

Community AMA

Q: In April, an event “Treasure Hunt in MetaDojo Virtual HQ” was held which attracted over 6k gleam participants, really impressive. Does the team have plan to further organize similiar events in future to help your fans use their skills profitably? Any upcoming events you tell us?

Echo: Thanks for reading our publications. Yes, we plan to run a community event like this once a month. The purpose is for our team to showcase recent development and get feedback from our supporters.

Q: Most projects digital assets are merely fantasy with no real utilities & thereby making them depend on hype to gain value for them. How is metaDojo NFTs & it digital asset different? What are the utilities of digital asset and how do intend to increase the value Overtime?

Echo: I like your question and your critical thinking. MetaDojo is built on real utilities because we solve real problems not inventing problems ourselves. For instance, our Web2 solution helps businesses to have a new dimension added to their website and e-commerce store by giving them a virtual space that works on their existing Web2 platforms, so that they can attract younger generations audience.

Q: Will there be a possibility to order from you a building based on my own vision, plan, drawings?

Echo: Sorry we only sell Dojos that are designed and modelled by our special team. However, if you are a designer yourself, why not come and design accessories such as interior furniture for our ecosystem and sell on our marketplace?

Q: Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project ? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Echo: Absolutely. That’s the core to any true Web3 project. Details on voting power and mechanisms will be announced closer to going live.

Q: Community is very important for a project. When you are creating your project, do you consider feedback and demands from the community?

Echo: This is a good question indeed! Given my marketing background, we consulted with many potential users before founding MetaDojo and throughout the past 6 months as we start development.

Q: How much is a Meta Dojo worth?’ All data is carefully analyzed and presented for your convenience! In addition, how can we make a favorable investment in its ecosystem and obtain a positive result?

Echo: Our seed round evaluation is 30M. Our community makes valuable contribution by supporting us on social media, giving us constant feedback and ultimately, becoming buyers of our Dojos.

Closing Remarks

Pat: Alright that’s a wrap 🙂 Thanks for answering all 6 question. Please invite the community to your groups and socials.

Echo: Time flies when you have fun 😆
⛩ MetaDojo Socials:

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🗞 Medium:

Pat: It does! 😉 Awesome. Thanks so much for being here today @EchoGuo. Best of luck to Meta Dojo.

Echo: Thank you all so much for having me!

Pat: Our pleasure. Thanks to our AMARoomies for all the amazing questions 🤩

Echo: Remember to follow our Twitter and join the Magic Seed event to find out for yourself what MetaDojo is all about. Amazing questions and support! I will be back again. But for now, good night as it is 1am in New Zealand 😂

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